Our Story

Las Casuelas Terraza has a rich, flavorful history spanning four generations and some 100 years. From humble beginnings in pre-depression Arizona where ‘abuelita’ Maria cooked in earthenware pots for copper miners, down to the grand patio of the Palm Springs based casita. The Delgado family has been serving delicious, award-winning food for generation after generation.


Humble beginnings

Our legacy traces back to Maria Fajardo, the Delgado family matriarch, who cooked for copper miners in pre-depression Arizona with her famous earthenware pots and pans, cazuelas.

Putting Down Roots

Fajardo’s son, Florencio, and his wife, Maria, brought “abuelita’s” recipes to their first restaurant in downtown Palm Springs in 1958, opening the Original Las Casuelas.



A Dash of luck

The spelling of Casuelas was a fortunate marketing typo during a cash strapped opening. That mistake has stuck with the restaurants and has become proprietary for our family’s hospitality and recipes.

Las Casuelas Terraza

Terraza opened in 1979 inside a historic Palm Springs casita from the 1920’s. It quickly became a landmark, routinely serving Palm Springs’ residents, visitors and vacationing celebrities.



The Fourth Generation

Today, Maria Fajardo’s granddaughter, Patricia, and her great grandson Patrick, serve her recipes to guests from around the world.